Introduction to Lowpoly

Introduction to Lowpoly

Welcome Hauzd Users!

The "Introduction to Lowpoly Training" is the Most important Training you need to watch in order to start modeling your project properly so it gets the best performance results inside the engine.

Skipping any of these tutorials might get you several problems with the project along the way, so we highly recommend to watch them all before starting modeling your project.

Introduction to Lowpoly - Part 1
In this video you will learn What is Lowpoly and Why you must use it to build your models for the Hauzd Engine.

Introduction to Lowpoly - Part 2
Here you will learn the things you have to consider before starting the lowpoly conversion of your project.

Introduction to Lowpoly - Part 3
In this video we'll show some of the techniques we use to start converting a High Poly building into a Low Poly one,
as well as some of the things to avoid while modeling your project.

Introduction to Lowpoly - Part 4
Here we will go through the revision of the finished Lowpoly Building, all what we did and final thoughts on the process.

Lowpoly Building Modeling - Speedrun
View the whole speedrun of the whole building modelling from the tutorials.

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