Walls Generation Script

Walls Generation Script

Hello Everyone!

Here you have the complete Video Training for our Walls Generation Script, which would be greatly useful once you start modelling your FloorPlan Scenes.

The Script Automatically creates your walls out from splines you trace from the AutoCad files, with all the divisions and naming conventions they need to work on the Hauzd Engine, it will even set up the textures for the different rooms according to your desire.

For the Complete Written Documentation go Here:

-We highly recommend you view all these videos in order without skipping to not miss any information and be able to understand the Script in its entirety.

Walls Generation Script 01: Installation & Introduction
This video covers the script installation process and a brief introduction to it.

Walls Generation Script 02: Understanding the Script
This would be a little explanation on what the Script does and why would it be necessary for helping you create your FloorPlan Walls.

Walls Generation Script 03: Using the Script
Here we'll start getting hands on the script and actually generating some walls.

Walls Generation Script 04: Exploring the Themes
In this video we're gonna cover all the Default Visual Styles the script has to offer.

Walls Generation Script 05: Creating a FloorPlan
Now we're gonna view the case of actually creating a complete FloorPlan.

Walls Generation Script 06: Additional IDs
On this video we're gonna see how can we generate different types of Doors and Windows with the use of additional IDs

Walls Generation Script 07: Creating Balconies
This video is gonna show you how can you create balconies and also show the different types of balconies you have access to, as well as creating your own types of balconies.

Walls Generation Script 08: Adding & Modifying Textures
Here we're gonna learn how can we change the script textures to use the ones we want.

Walls Generation Script 09: Mirroing Floorplans
This video will show you how you can create a mirrored/flipped version of your floorplan without having to trace all the lines again.

Walls Generation Script 10: Special Cases Problems & Solutions
This video will wrap up everything that we have learned so far with a complex sample of an apartment, and we'll also review some special cases and problems you may have and how to solve them.

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