Edit materials and more features to the Viewport 3D Screen

Edit materials and more features to the Viewport 3D Screen

The biggest improvement to our viewport is the feature to override materials, you can edit Diffuse Color (multiply color), Env Color Multiplier (Edit intensity/color of the reflection) and Envpull (How the EnvMap is applied to the texture)

By simply Clicking on an element, the material UI will show up and will display the material assigned to that element. 


You can select and Edit the Diffuse color and make color corrections to certain materials

Change the EnvMap Intensity and Color

If you select an object with a multimaterial, you will see all the materials in the array and you can select which one to modify

Modifying your maps colors is also a great way of using this feature

There are more monitoring new features in this viewport

You can see light groups and their influence

See and select collisions.

Useful if you need to recheck some collisions name without going back to the max file

Surfaces and Cams

And Material lists

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