Everything about 360 Views

Everything about 360 Views

hauzdEd V 1.06.79 or newer

You can use you own Render Setup up for this 360 image, do it exactly as if you are doing a normal static render. This following section can be considered as our own recommendation.

In 3ds Max, you need to render cubemap images of the 6 axis, this is why we will use our cube map renderer.
Once this set of cameras is placed on your desired location inside your 3ds Max Scene, we can export all the renders.

To export the 6 images we need, we need to go to Rendering → Batch Render

Change the output path to define the directory where the images will be exported, you will need to do this for the 6 images.

Click Render and all the images will be exported to the desired directory.

There is no output limit, but we recommend to have each image 1080x1080
With your 6 images rendered, you should position them in ONE IMAGE using this template:


hauzdEd will create the cubemap automatically for you using this image!

 In hauzdEd 
The import and handling process of these images will be exactly as regular image, the only difference is the TYPE and a new field called Transition Scene, this scene will be used as a 3d reference object to make a smooth transition when you open an image.

Remember, you must use the same name in all elements as you would do in regular static images.

Once you have your gal_ elements and your gallery assigned to your scene in Node Blueprint, you can inspect your 360 image inside the app.

To avoid Transition displacements, place the gal_ elements in the correct position, user eye line or exactly
where your camera was placed when you rendered the 360 image!


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