How to Integrate AR into your projects?

How to Integrate AR into your projects?

Our newest Augmented Reality feature can add even more interactivity to your projects! 
You can easily inspect, zoom and rotate using your device real time movement and surroundings!

To add this new feature to a NEW project, you just need to have our latest hauzdEd Version 

You don´t need to activate or configure ANYTHING else, the standard UI has the AR button so you can just toggle it in the run time!

To add this new feature to an existing project with a customized UI, you need to have our latest hauzdEd Version 
You will also need to copy the compose.lua of the downloaded latest standard UI and REPLACE the compose.lua you have been using so far in your local folder.

You need to look for this layer Elements in Standard UI

Those are the layers and elements you need to create or to move to your existing customized UI
btnAR in EXPORT_IMAGE would be the button to activate or deactivate the AR feature
And the content image for the button

Once Again, you don´t need to activate or configure ANYTHING else, once you have your AR button and imported the UI to the editor,
the feature would be available for you to use!

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