Installing 3dsMax Hauzd Script

Installing 3dsMax Hauzd Script

Here you can see how to install the Script that will export all your Project modelling in a Single Click from 3dmax to the Engine.

Inside your Hauzd folder you should have the following structure:

If so we can now move to 3dsMax to setup the script.

Inside 3dsMax, you must go to Customize/Configure System Paths:

Now, Inside this window, you must select " Additional Startup Scripts " and Click "Modify"

This will send you to choose a new folder for your additional scripts for 3dmax startup, and you must choose your
C:\Hauzd\Maxcripts  folder, or wherever you have your Hauzd folder stored and click " Use Path "

Once you changed your folder you can Click Ok, and Restart 3dsMax (Close it and Open it)

Once you ReOpen 3dsMax you will see a new tab with the Hauzd Script Buttons

So here is the explanation for each Button:

exe Button                       This is the button you will use to run the engine directly from 3dsMax

E Button                          This will be the Button that will export your whole project modelling (which must be inside a layer called " EXPORT " )
                                        Directly into the engine.

folder Button                  This button access the folder for your current opened project.

S Button                         This exports whatever you have selected, can be used for quick tests of individual objects inside the engine.

unwrap Button              This Button creates an automatic UVMap for the Lightmap calculation inside the engine, it uses the values above, the default " 10 " is the minimum angle
                                       for making cuts on the UV mapping for your mesh, whatever polygons next to each other that create an angle of 10 degrees or less, will be cut in the UVmap
                                       you can increase this angle for when your mesh is creating a curve or some round shape, so it can UV together more of the polygon surface, for example
                                       an angle of 70 or 80 will create a contiuous light bake on a curved object and it wont look faceted.

                                       The number " 2 " above should never be changed, it stands for the UV Id that the engine uses to calculate the lightmap on your object.

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