Introduction to Hauzd - Part 1

Introduction to Hauzd - Part 1

Hauzd is the easiest way to create interactive real estate 3D presentations and I'm excited to show you the  production pipeline so you can start creating your projects faster and easier than ever!.

If you don´t have the installer yet, you can DOWNLOAD IT HERE.
Please, watch the whole video of the 8 minutes walkthrough and don´t forget to DOWNLOAD SAMPLE PROJECT HERE.

Do you already have a project to start on? EVEN BETTER! you can work with your own files and create your first project!.


Hi Guys thanks again for registering with us and welcome to hauzd, the easiest way to create Interactive 3D Real estate presentations!.

I´m going to show you how to start creating your first project, the goal of this video is to show you all aspects of the engine for you to achieve great results faster than ever, without coding experience and   with maximum compatibility between all devices.

Depending on the industry you came from, you may have some good experience in some of the themes we´re going to go through but we recommend you to see all the tutorials and practice with them so you can be ready to produce as soon as possible.

Let´s get into it!.

What should you request from your client before starting?

There´s a check list of information you need to have from your client, the link should be in this mail for you to download, most important things are obviously CAD Files, Logos, Address, Renders, Brochures, website and all visual references, the more you have, the easier will be for you to develop an app that meets the requirements of your client and more important, useful for a long term period.

The Administration Panel

Lets begin inspecting our administration panel, you can access it via  using your hauzd account, there you will have all your management tools for your project, you can create your project, edit information and get you app keys, add collaborators, edit pricing list and unit status, see all traffic statistics for your finished and published app and manage your licensing info and payments.

Working with the Editor 

Once you have installed and you´re logged with Hauzd Edit App, you can start working in the projects you have already created in the admin page, you will have 2 windows, The Log windows where you can see a feedback about your imported assets and processes such as light bake and build statistics, if there is any issue importing an asset, this is where you will check exactly what is causing the error.

The “Architecture” Window is where you will configure all your app, drag and drop your scenes, assets, images and preview it in available devices using button “run”.

In order to use your files and scenes in our engine, they must meet our requirements, first of all, the geometry must be optimized correctly using low poly techniques, unlike other rendering workflows, our app will run a realtime rendering process, and you, as a 3d developer, need to make sure your app will run smoothly in all available devices.

We will open our example project and see how you can benchmark your scene, you need to consider 3 pillars when you are in the 3d production process:
  1. The amount of objects must be less than 500.
  2. The amount of Tris must be between 150.000 to 250.000 but avoid using more than 210.000.
  3. The materials must be grouped in multi/sub materials and the maps should be texture atlas with a 2048x2048 maximum size.
We will learn more about this production process in the next tutorials, or you can get right into it using our our helpdesk to find all videos and documentation.

Hauzd engine can handle big masterplans, floorplans, keyplans and units with thousands of polys without any problem. But consider that each scene will add up to your package size, therefore, bigger download times and more storage space needed to host the app.

Baking the Lights

To achieve a great visual quality, our engine needs to bake all the lighting info, you´ll need to create a separate UV channel in your 3d objects and run the command “bake”, after the process is done, you´ll notice a great improvement in your scene.


You can add more elements such as image renders, measurements, map interest points, divide your map into zones, aerial view and more.

To make your app a breathing selling machine, you will need to customize your unit prices and availability using your admin page, this will synchronize auto matically with your application and you can add the real estate developer as “collaborator” to edit it whenever it’s necessary.


The last part of the production process is to make your app live.

Right now you are most likely in your 30 days trial. You can use this time to learn and use our engine, get to know all features and get ready to present to your client.

In order to publish your project, you´ll need to get the subscription. And when you are done with the production process, its time to publish!.

With one click the hauzd cloud will prepare all the assets for all different platforms and devices. When this process is finished, you'll receive your unique project's link that you can deliver to your client. Anyone from anywhere can access this link on any available device.

Creating your first project is as simple as it sounds, we will get more technical in the next videos and explain more detailed every step of the process, so get ready to impress your clients with the ultimate 3d sales solution for real estate!.

See you in the next videos!.

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