Keyplan Unit Pairing

Keyplan Unit Pairing

 Short Tutorial 

Adding a keyplan in your NodeHierarchy:

 Detailed Tutorial 

To learn Everything About Keyplan Unit Pairing, you can use our Sample Project Files and check the configuration in the editor "Sample".

You will define the pairing using the Node hierarchy Section, in order to do that, we will need a couple of settings already done:

1. Your Keyplan in 3ds max needs to have partColl_
NAME and part_NAME elements;
• partColl_NAME is your editable mesh/poly collision, a 3d Shape that will detect the user interaction within that shape,  no material is applied to this object
• part_NAME will be your Highlighted object, it can be a floor, a window, a wall, a shape... it will use color Mod information to overlay a color
• NAME can NOT start with a number (i.e. partColl_200Capt2 would be wrong, instead, use partColl_apt2C200)
NAME needs to match (i.e. partColl_apt2C200 and part_a2C200 would be wrong, partColl_apt2C200 and part_apt2C200(BAKE=64)001 would be wrong, correct naming would be partColl_apt2C200, part_apt2C200(YOUR TAGS)  )

2. Your fbx scene needs to be correctly imported in the engine, make sure you are using a Keyplan Blueprint

3. Create a Color Mod to assign the highlight colors for your collisions

4. Create a Keyplan in Node Blueprint Make sure you set your Scene and the Color Mode you created for it

5. Make sure you have created as well the apartment and floor Nodes, you will use them later in the Hierarchy
• Apartment Type, you will use this node to define it as an UNIT and to create properties for your apartment (Rooms, Baths, Area, and more), you can use the same Apartment Type across multiple units
• Floor This will define the Scene, List, Gallery and specifications to assign it to your apartment

6. Now, you will need to set the hierarchy using all these elements

In this case, the structure is

►Building (Root Node)
     ► Keyplan (Node Name needs to be the same as the partColl_NAME  part_NAME of your BUILDING SCENE, In this case, we have partColl_f10 and part_f10 in our Building) 
           ► Apartment (Node Name this is your unit, needs to be unique because all your apartments needs their own ID)
                  ► Floor (your scene assigned to the apartment)

To set a pair in the keyplan, you need
Part Name and Node Address
            Collision  → goes to → Apartment
Collision is your part_NAME inside the KEYPLAN SCENE
Apartment is your Apartment Node Name

We´re setting: in our Keyplan1 Scene, we have a collision partColl_apt2A100 and that interaction will go to the Apartment apt10A100

You can re use Keyplans IF YOU NEED THE SAME SCENE, and Part Names across multiple floors, but the Node Address must be always unique

For example:

   apt2A100 → goes to → apt3A100

   apt2A100 → goes to → apt4A100

   apt2A100 → goes to → apt5A100

If you have everything perfect, you should be able to activate the interaction between all collisions and apartments

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