New Import Process and More Software compatibilities

New Import Process and More Software compatibilities

The last update of hauzd Editor ( 1.06.137 ) comes with great improvements in terms of the app creation workflow .

If you have worked with hauzd previously, you probably know all the requirements to import a scene successfully into hauzd, a lot of those process were improved so you spend more time creating and less time fixing or worrying about errors.

Overview of the import process:

• Most of these import operations will be showed in the log window as WARNING: in yellow, then, the solution applied automatically as an INFO: in white
• All geometric elements without prefix in .fbx will be considered as a geom_ element and will be assigned to that group

• All names (duplicated, invalid characters, more than 15 characters...) will be automatically fixed
• All unwraps and bake resolutions will be processed and assigned automatically
• .fbx scenes without suns, will be baked using a default sun 

Changes to the 3d workflow and how you can create and export a scene before importing to hauzd:

• Hauzd 3ds Max Script to export and unwrap UV is optional
Using Autodesk 3ds Max is not 100% mandatory. You need to import .fbx file to hauzd engine, so most of the software designed to work with, import and export .fbx files can be used to work your 3D scenes
iMPORTANT:  (NOBAKE) tag is added so you can mark any element you DON´T WANT TO BE BAKED

      Successfully tested 3d Softwares: 

      - Blender
      - Autodesk Maya
      - Maxon Cinema 4D
      - Sketchup (Most of the models created in this software are faces grouped or incorrectly attached, hauzd does NOT work with groups)

In all these softwares, you still need to export the .fbx using the right set of parameters :
- Preserve instances : Yes
- Triangulate : Yes
- Embed Textures/media : Yes
- UpAxis: Z-Up
- Lights: Yes
- Tangent Space Export: Yes
- ASCII: false / File MUST be a BINARY .fbx
- FileVersion : FBX201500
- Units: M (METERS, it does not matter if the final unit will be in feet) 
Names of these parameters may not match perfectly depending to the app, but they will always be similar

Changes to how hauzd Editor handles and fixes common errors:

• Hauzd 3ds Max Script to export and unwrap UV is optional
• Geom_ and obj_ prefixes are not needed anymore, but still supported in case you have them or want to use them
• BAKE=XXXX tags to define the lightmap resolution are not needed anymore
• UV unwrap of UV Channel 2, or use of the "unwrap" button in Hauzd script is not imperative anymore
• Duplicated objects names will be automatically fixed
• Duplicated material names will be automatically fixed 
• No need to have an EXPORT LAYER inside the scene

• Every other Prefix or Tag is still valid and needed in the .fbx (i.e.: planObj, planDim, gal_, sun_, light_ ... see full list of prefixes and tags
• Objects such as cam_ part_ and partColl_ are still needed
• Polycount requirements are still the same, less than 250.000 tris is optimal, less than 400.000 is mandatory
• Textures maps requirements are not changed, always power of two, maximum 2048x2048
• Every other workflow requirement not listed as "changed", can be considered as "not changed"

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