Starting with Surroundings

Starting with Surroundings


hauzdEd 1.6.068 or newer

1. In your Surroundings go to Small Scale Maps and click add

2. You will find a similar screen as your sceneBlueprint because basically you´re importing an fbx scene again, this Map Name should be exactly the same as the fbx

3.  If you checked Use Latitude/Longitude and Azimuth from Architecture, you will need to go to Edit Settings and put your coordinates there 

4. Back to edit the Map Scene, you can start adding your POINTS OF INTERESTS

5. You can add as much as you want, the standard UI will automatically place the icons in place

6. Add the Map as a background to the Exterior Scene 

7. And add it to the Node Blueprint as well

8. Make sure you have placed your files in the local folder you set for surroundings, you can also drag-and-drop

9. Use the buttons to process your scene, download the map and extract the POIs, Note: "Import" action will also automatically download the Map if it needs to

10. Test!

Add a custom POI:

1. You can create as many custom points interests as you want, the only thing you need to do is, after you´ve created the POI Category, Click on Add

2. After Saving, this information will be uploaded to the admin and you can edit coordinates, elevation, labels...

Admin Management

1. After creating all your Points of Interest and saving, all the extracted and custom Data will be uploaded to the cloud and into our admin panel, go to Real-Time Inventory, under the DevMap Tree should be all your categories, you can edit in table view and manage a large number of POIs in one Screen

UI Elements

1. This is one of the most easy customization work of the UI, everything is inside the layer EXPORT:loc.
if you want to customize it, you just need to change your vector/image information inside the "content" layer and replacing the default icons with yours. Make sure the category matches (i.e.: place your new medical icon in the same place as the old medical icon) this would be the only think you need to do, your icons will be exported using the EXPORT_IMAGE widgets and used as reference in EXPORT_RECT for placement, this icon location information is automatically processed by the engine and the Points of interest you added to your map

Large Scale Map

Similar as we did we the Small Scale Map, we need to add a Map scene and import the fbx 


Remember to add it to your nodeBlueprint Scene

After all of this process, you should be able to run your app and monitor your surroundings

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