How to install hauzd Scripts?

How to install hauzd Scripts?

Let´s learn how to install hauzd Scripts!

hauzd Max Script

Open 3ds Max

1.On the top bar, go to Customize→Configure System Paths...

2.Double Click in Additional Startup Scripts to open your default folder for Start up Scripts.

3.Paste all the content into that folder.

4.Now, every time we run Autodesk 3ds Max, the script will open automatically placing these quick access buttons on your top bar.

Starting at hauzdEd V1.06.063, the buttons .exe and folder WILL NOT WORK
Button E: This button will export to fbx EVERYTHING INSIDE THE EXPORT LAYER.
Button S: This button will export to fbx ONLY SELECTION INSIDE THE EXPORT LAYER.

UV Unwrap Section
Numeric Dropdown: This will be the lightmap UV Channel Index where the script will make the unwrap, having it by default in 2 means that the unwrap will take place in the UV Channel 2.
Numeric String: 
This will define the angle of the automatic unwrap, we recommend to leave it in 10.
Unwrap Button: This button will start the automatic unwrap process using previous settings, 

If you are not using correct naming convention, the unwrap script won´t work, see full Tags and Prefixes Article.

hauzd UI Illustrator Script

You will need to Locate your illustrator Script Folder.
Please note that this path may vary according to your Version, Language or Installation .

In windows the path in most of the cases is:
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator VERSION\Presets\en_US\Scripts
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator VERSION\Presets\es_ES\Secuencias de comandos

After placing it into the right folder and restarting illustrator you´ll be able to use the script to export your UI by going into file→Scripts→hauzdUI.
Go to Introduction to hauzd 4 to learn more about UI and customization.

hauzd Wall Generation Script

You can Extract these files anywhere in your pc, a quick access to the script would be great so you can open it whenever you need it: Scripting → Open Script→Navigate to the folder there you extracted the files.

You need to open only 

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