V 1.06.141

V 1.06.141

What's new?

This new version comes with big improvements and amazing new features.

Web Optimizations

• Project App loads 30% faster on browser and mobile, optimizations on server, less download time and general performance improvements.


• New pricing is launched for new projects starting at August 26.
• Interactive 2D apps and interactive 3D apps have different subscription pricing.
• Studios and Users are only allowed to have 2 projects on trials, if you want to create another project on trial, you would need to DELETE or BUY A SUBSCRIPTION for one of your previous projects.
• Trials will be always granted when created a new project.

Interactive 2D App

You can now build interactive apps using only your renderings. This will allow you to offer the ultimate sales tool to your real estate client using the high quality images you are already producing.
• Faster than 3D Apps.
• All Features included.
• Smaller Subscription fee.


Improved .fbx import process

Now its easier than ever to import a .fbx scene;
• Most of import errors will be fixed automatically.
• Automatic Unwrap and Bake Resolutions.

Improved view3D Screen

We can now select all our scene objects and edit material values inside view3D.

Click on the images to maximize*

We can now change the diffuse multiply colors to make small corrections inside the editor using the Diffuse Color modifier
We can also add more reflection or remove the envmap contribution using Env Color Mult.
And modify or correct the envmap texture movement relatively to the camera using Env Pull.

These materials will be saved as overrides in the Scene blueprint settings and you can remove them if you decide to use your scene settings.

More monitoring tools inside View3D.

See Geometry Groups, hide and unhide.

See all light groups.

See and select collisions and check their names.

See Cam Elements.

See the list of scene materials and select to override.

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